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Be an actor in your development



RHévolution, Human Resources at the service of your development 

Why trust RHévolution?

With more than fifteen years of experience in the Human Resources business, RHévolution is an HR consulting firm in Nice , offering you concrete solutions to bring to your company.

RHévolution was born from a simple observation: Human Resources are an essential aspect for the proper functioning of your business . There are two scenarios for you:


You are a VSE / SME who has not included the HR function in their company and therefore need someone to take on this important role.


You have integrated this function into your business, but need to be supported on certain tasks and to be accompanied.


RHévolution know-how

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RHévolution établit un bilan et un audit de votre situation. Une prise de connaissance indispensable afin de bien cibler les problèmes et les besoins de votre entreprise.

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RHévolution vous propose ensuite une solution sur-mesure, adaptée et personnalisée en accord avec vos besoins et vos problématiques.

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Grâce à une expertise RH, RHévolution vous offre un service à l’efficacité solide et rigoureuse propice au bon déroulement de votre entreprise.


The values of R H evolution

RHévolution services

Entretien d'embauche
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Trouvez rapidement le talent qui correspond aux valeurs de votre entreprise.

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RHévolution se charge de la gestion et du développement RH de votre entreprise. 

HR advice
HR training
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Restez informés des dernières nouveautés (pour vous et vos salariés).

Magali Rebroin, your HR expert

HR expert , I support you throughout our adventure in the world of Human Resources. Years of experience and unfailing passion allow me to help you evolve and guide you through the mazes of this universe that escapes you.

Helping , supporting and advising companies to optimize their skills and their operations, this is a motivating credo for you but also for me!

Calling on an HR consulting firm in Nice brings expertise to the heart of your business .

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Do you want to know more about the services offered by RHévolution?

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RHévolution responds perfectly through its services to our slogan "Always more to satisfy you".

They make us  confidence

Due to the quality of HRévolution's services, today we collaborate on all of our HR issues with complete confidence.


P. Cristini

business creation

A professional and warm welcome, attentive listening, adapted and rapid responses.

The testimonials.

IT Consulting

Gisele Olivari

Always top advice ... Calling on a pro like Magali Rebroin is a guarantee of success for your recruitment project ...

Office Building at Night

Marc Laine

Very good level consulting.

réunion d'affaires

Vincent Gallet

Super dynamic trainer who knows how to adapt her training according to the candidate and the professional context.

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