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"What you need to define is the framework within which people are free to act." Kuniyasu Sakai

HRevolution  : a wealth of advice


You need a boost for your business  ?

You want to delegate the administrative part  ?  

What does CSR mean  ? What does it really involve  ?

What can Human Resources bring to your business?  ? 

How to set up an HR department in an SME  ?

RHévolution is there to provide you with the human resources advice you need for your business to run smoothly.

I am here to support you in this big decision that you have just taken: HR strategy consulting is definitely essential for optimal functioning .

You want simple and appropriate solutions for your business in order to see more clearly in the Human Resources game, I know that!


RHévolution also offers training!


HR Development  well thought

Go through a good organization ...

HR advisor  is also there to help develop your business. And development requires good organization . This involves the creation , implementation or even a global reorganization of the Human Resources department of your company using several means  :

Organization / Reorganization of Human Resources processes  : sourcing, hiring, contract editions, conflict management

Good communication Human Resource internet and / or external

Managing your HR communication

The creation of missing elements in your business  : charters (internet, CSR, digital, etc.)

Help with setting up important elements  : remuneration policy, training plan

The creation of your Single Occupational Risk Assessment Document by integrating psycho-social risks

Analysis and comparison of costs

Accompaniement  leaders,  employees  and the implementation of new Human Resources policies

And taking into account the disability law

Since the law of 1987, any establishment with more than 20 employees must employ 6% of disabled and similar workers. I am committed to ensuring that this notion is respected in your company and to support you in all the steps to follow for its smooth running.

Human Resources consulting detects needs and takes this mission into account  :

Liaise with resource people and lead the internal team

Implementation of training and communication-awareness actions

Constitution of financing files and follow-up of administrative files and annual declarations

Contribution of in-house specialized and global expertise on the topic of disability

Personalized support for disabled staff

Good personnel management

A full audit of your needs

An audit is a complete analysis of the situation of your business . Thanks to this, I establish the list of solutions and actions that we can implement together to improve the functioning of the company.

I carry out an HR audit  your situation in order to offer you the appropriate solutions that correspond to the problems you have encountered and to your needs.

In relation with the leaders of the companies, I create tools adapted to your company and to its functioning  :

  • Development of job profiles, skills repository.


  • Overhaul of the remuneration policy and organization chart


  • Implementation of the various mandatory and necessary interviews for the proper functioning of your business  : progress or professional interview, assessment of professional stages and work on recruitment methods.


  • Audits of your PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and proposals for adapted solutions

Master your administrative

Managing the administration is an important point for your business. For a good organization but also for a legal aspect, everything must be written down, contracted  and signed. This is a form of security for your business and for your employees. I am each of your HR, administrative or internal communication documents.

  • For your employees  : hiring declarations, daily acts requested, forecast management of jobs and skills and improvement of the remuneration policy

  • For your company: support in your disciplinary measures and optimization of your training policy

be up to date on salaries

Payroll is a very technical and complex area. 

I check the application of the regulations and establish recommendations on the modifications to be made for a better functioning. So I will bring you my knowledge to  :

  • Payroll audits


  • Social declarations


  • Support for the DSN (Nominative Social Declaration)

And taking into account the  CSR

La RSE, c'est quoi ? 

En un chiffre : en France, presque 65% des français choisissent d’acheter et même de boycotter une marque ou une entreprise en fonction de ses prises de positions.

La Responsabilité Sociétale de l’Entreprise est une démarche volontaire de la part de l’entreprise et regroupe l’ensemble des mesures mises en place par l’entreprise dans le but d’un développement plus durable tout en ayant un impact positif sur la société.

Dans quels domaines ? 

  • L'aspect humain 

  • L'aspect écologique 

  • L'aspect financier

Dans quelles mesures ?

  • Rédaction du reporting annuel

  • Mise en place et suivi de la politique globale RSE

Quels sont les avantages pour vous et votre entreprise ?

Le RSE donne un aspect positif à votre entreprise. En respectant ces trois aspects, les salariés auront envie de venir y travailler. Après un audit complet, je vous propose plusieurs solutions, améliorations ou changements à implanter à votre fonctionnement.

Véritable valeur ajoutée, le RSE s’adapte à chacune des missions pour améliorer leurs rendements et leurs finalités et ainsi vous proposez des prestations plus complètes.

Do not hesitate to contact me to establish a quote

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