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"The  training  is the essence of all success. ”

Arnaud boti

HR training at the service of your company


Did you know that training in Human Resources would be a plus for your company?  ?

You feel the need to update your know-how  in the world of Human Resources  ?

RHévolution means more than 270 trainees and more than 550 hours of training allocated per year with a success rate of over 85%  !

Formation RH

As the professional world is constantly evolving, it is important for you and your employees to train yourself in new developments in the world of Human Resources. As an HR expert  training , I offer effective training defined according to your real needs in order to optimize your time .


Following an interview, we offer you a personalized quote that meets your expectations as much as possible. 

For more information, do not hesitate to contact me

Why take HR training?

I adapt entirely to your needs in order to deliver effective training. You are the decision-makers of the course of this training  :​​

The duration is adapted to your schedules

In a dedicated place or on your premises

Suitable for all audiences

By including this human approach specific to RHévolution, and as an HR expert  training, I bring you operational and ready solutions to generate any improvements that you deem necessary for your company and your functioning and adapted to all situations (optimization, strategic change, integration of disability, implementation of cross-functional HR projects).


To each his own training


HR is not your chosen field

You are the HR representative of your company when it is not your preferred field  ? I give you the keys to succeed in your mission and thus bring added value by having several hats.


You are a Human Resources professional

You want to improve your skills , keep up to date with every aspect of the Human Resources world and thus bring complete expertise to your business.


You are an expert in Human Resources

You want to stay informed of the latest developments  and stay  on the page of the slightest change. I support you and share with you all my know-how to share our knowledge.

What services does RHévolution offer

What are the advantages of good HR expertise?

For your employees

The employee acquires new knowledge and can thus evolve in his professional environment

The employee improves his productivity

The employee acquires new skills that he will quickly put to good use

For Your Business

Employees are more qualified and motivated, therefore more productive

Employees are more loyal to your business and are grateful

You maintain a constant evolution of your knowledge

You attract more candidates for hiring by promising a constant evolution of knowledge

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