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Be an actor in your HRevolution!

With an experience of more than 15  years in the field of Human Resources, R H evolution brings you an individualized service, fast and adapted to your specific problems of personnel management.


Born from the simple observation that all companies need reliable Human Resources advice, but that they do not always have the possibility of integrating the function in a sustainable way, R H evolution has established itself as the ideal Human Resources partner enterprises.


Specialist in VSE-SME, but also aware of the issues of companies of all sizes and all sectors, we can fully adapt our offer to your needs.


R H evolution is recognized as very active in the PACA region and also operates nationally, alone or in partnership.

Our jobs


Quickly find the talent that matches your business

Staff management

Entrust us with your personnel management tasks to optimize your time

HR development

Improve your HR management, anticipate your problems and reduce your costs

Nos métiers
HR advice

Improve your writing, clean up your business, control your litigation risk


Develop your employees and maintain your level of excellence


Go further in the overall performance approach

R H evolution responds perfectly through its services to our slogan "Always more to satisfy you."

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Due to the quality of R H evolution's services , we are now working together on all of our HR issues with complete confidence.


A professional and warm welcome, attentive listening, adapted and rapid responses.

P. Cristini, business creation

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