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HR support, why is it essential for your VSB / SME?

The Human factor of your business must be at the heart of your concerns. Without an optimized Human factor, there can be no work done with efficiency. Today, VSEs / SMEs have not necessarily included an HR department to take into account the needs of their employees. They do not always have time to organize interview sessions, to worry about the purely legal aspects of their companies or to offer new training to their employees. This is why HR support is a real investment that allows you to optimize your time, money and energy.

RHévolution shows you how to optimize the skills of your employees thanks to good HR support.

un accompagnement rh efficace pour une meilleure optimisation

Quality HR support goes through several points

In order to benefit from effective HR support, it is important to call on an HR advisor who can help you concretely and respect certain HR values.

This must:

- Listening: it does not judge your past decisions and fully adapts to each company and their different organizations.

- Knowing how to collaborate: pedagogy is one of the main qualities of a good HR consultant. Knowing how to provide knowledge and train are two essential aspects to transmit effectively and in a sustainable way.

- Always be aware of new information: in the HR world there are new regulations to be known every day. It is therefore important to be aware of new case law and to keep up to date.

- Be open-minded and innovative: he must be aware of new technologies in order to be able to offer an effective solution that improves the performance of your business. It must be able to adapt to the HR software already in place in the company.

un accompagnement rh vous rend plus efficace

The objectives to be achieved are similar to the two parts, they are:

1- Determine the needs of the company precisely: identify your "job creation potential" and guide you in preparing for your future interviews and hires.

2- Develop old practices that are no longer modern enough and that would need to be removed to resolve the problems encountered.

3- Highlight its employees in order to optimize their skills, each of them making their contribution and contributing to your productivity.

Note: Since March 8, 2016, a company with fewer than 300 employees can request human resources support co-financed by the State.

How does this translate to your business?

The different steps to determine your needs

Are you a VSE or an SME and need HR support for the proper organization of your business? This goes through several stages that are essential to setting up the process.

Optimiser ses compétences grâce à un accompagnement rh efficace

First of all, RHevolution establishes a precise diagnosis of the situation of your company in order to determine what are the strengths and weaknesses and what are the improvements to be made in your operation.

Then, each of these data is analyzed and an action plan is established if necessary. Once validated by both parties, the keys to change are passed on to employers and employees. RHévolution supports you throughout this process.

Tout d’abord, RHévolution établit un diagnostic précis de la situation de votre entreprise afin de déterminer quels sont les points forts et les points faibles et quelles sont les améliorations à apporter à votre fonctionnement.

Ensuite, chacune de ces données sont analysées et un plan d’action est établi si besoin. Une fois celui-ci validé par les deux parties, les clés du changement sont transmises aux employeurs et aux employés. RHévolution vous accompagne tout au long de ce processus.

Important issues for your business

HR support is totally personalized according to your needs to be more operational. He is there to solve already existing problems such as repeated delays, absenteeism or a lack of motivation of your employees.

un accompagnement rh efficace pour une optimisation de vos compétences

The implementation of several effective tools, such as organizational software or personalized training will allow your company to save precious time.

Also, several obligations must be respected.

For compliance with each regulation, call on a professional to support you.

For example, by January 1, 2020, the establishment of the CSE (Social and Economic Committee) in each company with at least 11 employees (SME) will be mandatory. This procedure helps dialogue between the employee and the employer within the company.

Finally, outsourcing certain tasks to HR saves you time and money. In fact, RHévolution takes care of everything and therefore frees you from certain time-consuming tasks such as organizing job interviews, monitoring them or managing payroll. Do the math, it's time you can then devote 100% to your work for greater productivity. It is important for both the employer and the employee to engage in tasks that they can do in order to be more productive.

Granted, this is an investment, but ultimately it saves you money. During HR support, complete expertise is provided to help you stay within your budget.

In order to find a new organization that would suit your business better, effective HR support will be essential. Optimizing your skills can only serve your productivity. Thus, avoid errors, misunderstandings and problems within your company by calling on an expert who will be able to give you the keys to getting your company back in shape.

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