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Internship Offer-Web Designer M/ F

Duration: 2 months

Salary: Unpaid internship

Start date: As soon as possible

Company Description

RHévolution is a Human Resources consulting company. The values of the company are customer satisfaction, people at the heart of Human Resources, the democratization of Human Resources and confidentiality. Our activity focuses on three services: recruitment, HR consulting and HR training. They have three offers, which are project invoicing, HR consulting subscription and timeshare compensation.

Job Description

You will be in charge of analyzing customer demand, designing the site design according to the visual identity, carrying out the graphic production, carrying out site maintenance, following the established specifications, participating in the implementation of the plan marketing.

You will be telecommuting during your entire internship (it is important that you have a personal computer on which you can perform all of your tasks).

A minimum bac + 2 level is essential.

The internship lasts 2 months (44 days in a company).

Details of missions

  • Stay on top of trends

  • Create the model and the storyboard of the site while respecting the rules of ergonomics

  • Reporting


  • Proficiency in Adobe software: Illustrator, Photoshop, XD

  • Proficiency in text editing

  • HTML basics

  • CMS concepts

  • Web culture

  • Proposal force

  • Curiousity

  • Autonomy


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